New Sightings of Oxicarian Ships July-2011

All new July sighting of my Oxicarian contact’s triangular ship,seen at first rising out of the woods then hovering
and creating a molecular dark plasma cloak around itself.for any who still think that what I film are conventional planes or military stuff this video should serve to prove that’s an incorrect assertion.

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Orion ship Demos Sparkling Molecular Plasma-June-30-2011

Ok , this is the triangular craft of my Oxicarian contact ,Abena, what she showed me tonight was proof her craft is extraterrestrial. just look at the sparkling lights and plasma around her craft!. I also have the proof of contact with her, she’s the pilot inside this awesome craft , and she promised me this sighting the day before the sighting even happened on Wed afternoon while engaged in contact with her.,observe how the craft returns a second time after showing the plasma just to show it knows it’s being filmed. well here’s the proof the craft I film is no plane , jet , or even stealth black ops Tr3B.

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New video of the Orion ships, March-8-2011

Caught this recent video of Abena’s ship coming in over some fields , in Orange county NY March -8-2011

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The New, 2012 and Beyond

As we approach 2012 and beyond mankind will start to awaken and think of things alot more seriously than they previously had. knowledge and inventions will increase, but along with this increase of knowledge mankind will incur a responsibility to Universal law and knowledge from which he cannot escape or evade. and this goes for everyone from the rich and powerful to the poor and weak, not one soul will be able to evade the new era and the consciousness pouring in from the higher spheres. mankind will be forced to recognize the Universal laws and learn to differentiate between them and man made religious laws. some of what mankind had thought was divine law or natural law will prove to be faulty and mistaken. Whatever is REAL and has been determined by Universal Law and cause and effect will happen as planned. and will reveal the events and circumstances exactly as seen.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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New Sightings and Contact with the Orions 2009-10

Alright it’s high time I update this site and blog I apologize for the delay, I’ve been extremely busy with my Youtube channel editing and uploading many new videos

Over the course of  months throughout 2009 up till now Jan.2010  my sightings and contacts with the extraterrestrial craft which fly frequently over Orange,and Ulster counties NY has increased dramatically.
the ET’ ships have come in closer and closer and are revealing more and more of the outline and shape of
their exotic triangular craft which are unlike the shape of any secret stealth USAF aircraft anywhere. the craft I see, film and have contact with are in truth extraterrestrial and they come from the Orion system, the belt stars of Orion to be exact. the ET’s have business here, which is one reason why there’s so much UFO activity in this area of Orange county NY state.  about this business I’m not allowed to speak on. 

these craft are triangular shaped and have an eerie almost gothic look to them, actually they could be a little scary to unaware and casual viewers. which is why the ET’s generally employ cloaking and also mimicry of our conventional aircraft.  they do this so as not to terrify earth people and cause a panic which the uncloaked sight of their exotic craft would surely provoke and generate in most earth people.
all of this knowledge I have arrived at after 2.5 years of close observation of these craft. I also have been contacted by mental telepathy
by several pilots of this extraterrestrial race. they told me it was their ancient ancestors from Orion who were the ones who designed and constructed the Great Pyramids of Giza over 12,000 years ago as astronomical markers portending periodic pole shifts on earth over many thousands of years. which have alot to do with the 3 main belt stars of Orion.  you see astronomically and creationally speaking the Orion constellation generates and exerts incredibly powerful magnetic fields which are actually steering our own earthly Solar system along with it in a certain calibrated direction.  this is perhaps the most secret reason why the Great Pyramids and sphinx were constructed in the first place by the Orion’s. periodically there are certain alignments of the stellar Orion system which cause massive pole shifts on earth to happen as well as other unusual consciousness related expansion which results in new understandings in many varied fields and sciences.
this comes as a matter of course by natural law from the great advanced extraterrestrial societies which inhabit the Orion system.which are not solely inhabited by only stereo typical greys and lizards. for in truth there are many human species resembling us which also inhabit the Orion system.
all in all the Orion stars are a very special place which hold many mysteries and exciting discoveries. they are intimately involved in the creation of ever new stellar matter, and it’s prototype ‘molecular plasma’ which can be seen everywhere throughout the Orion nebula.
the most important symbol which carries great meaning to all Orions and the one they form their ships in is the ‘triangle’   this has to do with incredible secrets of creation and the triune nature and fabric of existence itself. these are just some of the elementary truths that I’ve learned as a result of the Orion ET’s telepathic and sightings contacts with me over the course of 2.5 years now.  the whole reason for my contact was to make known their secret presence on earth and to reveal a protocol which if we comply with and observe we eventually will be allowed to join the  intergalactic confederation of Orion, they are inviting us to learn about them and cosmic law. to prepare and evolve into greater awareness knowledge and maturity. without them we cannot reach our highest potential and neither they without us can reach their best potential because natural-creational law obligates them to assist us to a certain degree in our development.

Here’s some new video I caught of my Orion contact’s triangular craft:


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Extraterrestrial Wisdom And Contactees

The following paragraphs were spoken to contactee ‘Veronica charlie Paz Wells’ of Peru in 1977 by an extraterrestrial named ‘Godar’ from the Alpha Centauri  constellation. from page 81 of her book  ‘Sowers of life’.  Learn more about Veronica Well’s work and contacts on her  site at:


“Godar speaking’…..“The preservation of the Universe is the major
objective; it’s the rule that must be followed by living, thinking
creatures.  The reason for their
existence is to create favourable conditions for the transformations that will
insure the selection of the best sub-systems and orient the processes of
continuity and development..  Thinking
life is the conditioning variable of transformation and is the representative
of the physical, objective action of the Cosmic Power or Profound, as you
prefer, for the Universe uses each one of us to perform the necessary
alterations so that everything within it will continue

“The thinking creature can create, alter,
modify, build and at the same time, destroy.
His continuing participation in this process depends on his
consciousness that being a thinking entity is the condition of being a student
learning the mechanisms of conscious evolution and that besides, he exists to
learn how to deal with his own life and with the resources the Universe has to
offer.  And to be kept in this cosmic school,
he must know its processes and rules, he must accept the minimum demands of
performance, and respect the place of study itself.  But if he doesn’t behave accordingly, he will
be summarily expelled, with no right to appeal.
The human being must understand that he was created and exists to
promote the betterment of the Universe and to make the necessary changes on the
road to that accomplishment.  The
thinking being is intelligent enough to know what to look for, how to act and
mainly to be careful and to recognize the value, weight and responsibility of
every moment.  Those who are conscious of
their role as intermediary between past and future, conscious of their role as
transformers and of their responsibility as architects of a developing
Universe, those who can live, evolve and constructively enhance the harmonious
balance of their society,  freeing
themselves from physical and spiritual limitations, maximizing the available
resources without affecting or attacking the Universal Ecosystem, will have
discovered the Superior Purpose to which they were conceived.”

Veronica’s contacts have a scientific basis of fact to them and are related to her brother Sixto Paz Wells sightings and contacts in Peru,, but Veronica’s are  unique with the extraterrestrial Godar from Alpha Centauri. hence her book ‘Sowers of Life’  which contain her many dialogs and contacts with the extraterrestrial.

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