“Close sightings and contact”


Ok, so on December 21 last friday I made a trip out to Pine Bush NY again! the fifth trip since July! can you believe it?
as to the why have I made so many trips out to Pine Bush this year? the answer is because I have been video tapping some absolutely
spectacular UFO footage of unconventional aerial craft performing some very extraordinary unearthly aerial movements over the skylines
around Pine Bush.  Also because the occupants (pilots) within these craft respond to me (I mean they know when I come to Pine Bush and they
know when I’m filming them and so they come around my proximity alot  and let me film their craft all night for several hours!) they also perform certain demo moves in synchronicity with my thoughts at precise moments! which tells me alot. and the last and most important reason for all my frequent trips out to Pine Bush this year is because a certain female pilot of one of these alien triangular craft made ‘telepathic contact’ with me this past summer and let me know who these aliens are and where they come from. this alien female pilot who contacted me said “that her name was ‘Abena*  and that her race comes from the Orion stars within our galaxy.  she also told me that her ancestors designed and built the Great Pyramid of Giza.then she told me the reason why I was contacted and why I was having such close sightings and demos from their spacecraft was because I had already fairly progressed enough in meditation and observance of cosmic laws that they judged me worthy of closer sightings and responses from themselves and their ships.” those were her exact words in her telepathic exchange with me back at the end of July 07.
next she explained to me why I should learn to practice TM* or Transcendental meditation’  because she said it would make our contacts easier.
she told me that without understanding and practicing deep states of meditation like TM*  no close physical contacts with her or others of her race would take place. the reason for this is because these alien’s brainwave resonance derive from deep meditational states  like TM*  the brainwave resonance generated from deep meditation  is alpha and theta waves.  the average brainwave resonance of most earth peoples is in the ‘beta range that lies purely in the concrete physical world only.'( and which pertains to only physical sensations.)  while these alien’s brainwave resonance lies in the ‘alpha and theta ranges’ even when they are performing physical tasks. (alpha and theta levels pertain to cosmic and universal awareness and higher mental and spiritual senses which are distinctly different from physical senses) .(it is required to attain to these higher ranges in order to stand and handle their cosmic technologies.  point of the matter? we must evolve both mentally and spiritually if we want to see and have any kind of contact from extraterrestrials.  



About Phil

I'm a professional by occupation, back in the summer of 2007 near the Pine Bush NY area I became a UFO contactee with extraterrestrials who derive from the Orion constellation star they call 'Ledas' which is a star near the three main belt stars within the Orion nebula. I am and have been for many years a serious spiritual seeker into deep meditation, study of science, quantum physics, genetics,the occult sciences, and music. My goal for this site is to introduce people to my experiences, sightings and contacts with an alien race called the "Oxicari" who are human looking in appearance like ourselves with a few minor variations, they are a extremely advanced and developed race who posses some of the highest and best developed technologies within our milky way Galaxy. which allows their triangular shaped craft to warp and travel at over light speeds in mere seconds dozens of light years distant. they also have a well developed science of cloning part human, part synthetic humans called biotic androids, which function as assistants and carry out multi-form tasks. the Oxicari are also adepts at creating biotic implants into their own physical bodies which then confer upon them almost superhuman powers, like' ,..'telekinesis, ESP, PSI, teleportation, precipitation, paranormal mental abilities. The Oxicari have maintained a presence on earth since very ancient times, since the time the Great Pyramid and Sphinx were constructed by their Orion ancestors over 15,000 years ago. I invite all to study my material and watch my videos in order to make up your own minds. no one else can decide for you,.. each person recognizes truth independent and entirely of their own position and initiative.
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