Rescued and unlocked!

Alright, I took another trip out to Pine Bush recently on December 21-07  and what happened during this trip was totally unexpected. I arrived at Pine Bush in the late afternoon of a friday
I then got situated into my motel room and had dinner,  then I prepared to go out and film by setting the manual focus on my camcorder. that done I headed out first filling the gas tank. next I proceeded to the area where I film the ufos called ‘Marshmellow field’ which is right beside route 52. I  must at this point mention that the weather was cold and cloudy and it recently had snowed and iced the day before in Pine Bush so there was a liberal amount of ice glazed snow on the ground which before my trip I estimated might be a problem in the parking and driving of my car. because of this I brought along some salt and a shovel in case I got stuck! well next I arrived and parked my car adjacent to rte.52 off on Marshmellow field. the area where I parked was in the unpaved driveway of a new home construction project and the ground was a covering of thin ice-glazed snow.   after this I proceeded out to the field to look for ufos to video. I gazed at the skylines for 30 minutes and saw that my alien friends were not out flying their craft, no craft came around, I got a little disappointed and thought.. ‘oh well the aliens must be busy elsewhere tonight. so then I walked back to my car and proceeded to back out ,but as I did I got stuck in the ice snow  right at the edge of rte.52!  which means the tail end of my car was almost out on the road and could have gotten knicked by a passing car!    then I remembered the salt and shovel so I got those items out of the trunk and proceeded to spread salt under the tires for traction and dig some of the snow and ice out around the tires, then I went to start up the car to back out and of all things I found that  the car doors were all locked!!  I had locked myself out with the keys inside the car!  my cell phone also was inside the car!   I started to panic and got a little freaked out. after a few minutes of this I calmed down and thought rationally. next I started to pray and to also ask my alien friends if they might help me get back into my car. after a few moments of intense concentration about this,  I suddenly saw on the western skyline one of my alien friends  triangular craft come flying in very low  at about only 100 feet above ground .  as the ship passed by suddenly I heard the car doors unlock and open!!!  I was absolutely stunned!  the aliens had come to my rescue and triggered the unlocking of my car doors!   this was an absolute marvel!!  and tells me that these beings in these ufos hear me and know everything that goes on around me and most of all it proves they care about me and are becoming my  close  friends!

About Phil

I'm a professional by occupation, back in the summer of 2007 near the Pine Bush NY area I became a UFO contactee with extraterrestrials who derive from the Orion constellation star they call 'Ledas' which is a star near the three main belt stars within the Orion nebula. I am and have been for many years a serious spiritual seeker into deep meditation, study of science, quantum physics, genetics,the occult sciences, and music. My goal for this site is to introduce people to my experiences, sightings and contacts with an alien race called the "Oxicari" who are human looking in appearance like ourselves with a few minor variations, they are a extremely advanced and developed race who posses some of the highest and best developed technologies within our milky way Galaxy. which allows their triangular shaped craft to warp and travel at over light speeds in mere seconds dozens of light years distant. they also have a well developed science of cloning part human, part synthetic humans called biotic androids, which function as assistants and carry out multi-form tasks. the Oxicari are also adepts at creating biotic implants into their own physical bodies which then confer upon them almost superhuman powers, like' ,..'telekinesis, ESP, PSI, teleportation, precipitation, paranormal mental abilities. The Oxicari have maintained a presence on earth since very ancient times, since the time the Great Pyramid and Sphinx were constructed by their Orion ancestors over 15,000 years ago. I invite all to study my material and watch my videos in order to make up your own minds. no one else can decide for you,.. each person recognizes truth independent and entirely of their own position and initiative.
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