Why Pine Bush?

This is the question begging an answer as to why Pine Bush has so much UFO activity.  there are several theories taking into consideration this question. the very first of which is that it has been found that Pine Bush NY and the entire Orange county NY area has within it’s soil content an unusually high amount of three rare minerals namely, “zirconium, beryllium, and titanium”  these minerals are quite rare and are found in generous quantities in only two places on earth , some small asian country and in the Orange county Pine Bush NY area!   what’s more is that these three minerals are used to create extremely resistant metal alloys for use in airplanes as well as in the aerospace industry. So the aliens may in fact be utilizing these minerals for use in their hyper space  technologies.The second theory as to why the high incidence of ufo sightings over Pine Bush is that there may exist a “natural magnetic grid point” in the area or an” interdimensional gateway” where several magnetic fields cross into eachother thus forming an” intersecting multidimensional field” where corridors and portals to alternate earth time zones may lie, as well as corridors into interstellar space. And so the area may also  be a ‘stargate’ used by the alien ufos for interstellar travels into deep space.
The third theory is that there exists an underground alien installation or base in the area. as several witnesses have claimed to have seen many brilliant lights descending from the sky into the earth and just disappearing underneath the ground. this may in fact be evidence that just such an alien underground base does exist in the area. upon further consideration of these theories with more reflection it becomes apparent  the theories may all  be based in fact, and in all probability have some basis in truth. how’ever until some earth person becomes a real “contactee” of the aliens that pilot this craft seen around Pine Bush and is informed indepth about why the aliens are there? and who they are ?, and where they are from?  we must be content with our theories and of course with the sometimes startling ufo sightings the aliens stage , and allow to be filmed by some peopleHow’ever since my return trips to Pine Bush in 2007 and my camcorder filming of ‘triangular shaped alien spacecraft and my subsequent telepathic contact by the pilots of these craft I have been duly informed as to who these aliens are and where they are from and was told to prepare myself for close contact with them,  if I meet the criteria they submitted to me to their satisfaction I will be having close encounters with them.  none of this is by chance , as I have been afforded this opportunity.

due to the fact that I have reached a spiritual level of recognition through meditation and my daily life expression acceptable to these aliens. their discretionary council has deemed me worthy and mature enough to have closer sightings and telepathic contacts from them and their ships. I was told these exact words by a female pilot named “Abena” last summer 2007 as she made telepathic contact with me. this is not a put on folks. I have the evidence proving these contacts are indeed genuine. and these contacts are happening with me in order to raise the mental and spiritual awareness of earth people to a higher level. , because what happens to one consciously has an effect on the whole both consciously and unconsciously.


About Phil

I'm a professional by occupation, back in the summer of 2007 near the Pine Bush NY area I became a UFO contactee with extraterrestrials who derive from the Orion constellation star they call 'Ledas' which is a star near the three main belt stars within the Orion nebula. I am and have been for many years a serious spiritual seeker into deep meditation, study of science, quantum physics, genetics,the occult sciences, and music. My goal for this site is to introduce people to my experiences, sightings and contacts with an alien race called the "Oxicari" who are human looking in appearance like ourselves with a few minor variations, they are a extremely advanced and developed race who posses some of the highest and best developed technologies within our milky way Galaxy. which allows their triangular shaped craft to warp and travel at over light speeds in mere seconds dozens of light years distant. they also have a well developed science of cloning part human, part synthetic humans called biotic androids, which function as assistants and carry out multi-form tasks. the Oxicari are also adepts at creating biotic implants into their own physical bodies which then confer upon them almost superhuman powers, like' ,..'telekinesis, ESP, PSI, teleportation, precipitation, paranormal mental abilities. The Oxicari have maintained a presence on earth since very ancient times, since the time the Great Pyramid and Sphinx were constructed by their Orion ancestors over 15,000 years ago. I invite all to study my material and watch my videos in order to make up your own minds. no one else can decide for you,.. each person recognizes truth independent and entirely of their own position and initiative.
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