New Pine Bush sightings and contact May 25-08

Well ok I managed to make another trip out to Pine Bush over the Memorial day weekend on May 25 my sixth trip out  since July 07!!
as you can probably imagine why my enthusiasm and dedication to these trips out to Pine Bush is so high and are so important to me.. since  I have been personally contacted by extraterrestrials and allowed a closer access or clearance to  see and film their space crafts at  closer range. all of this is having a deeply
life transforming effect  upon me which I will explain about later in subsequent posts.
 my latest sightings and contact with the Pine Bush aliens was an exciting and extraordinary encounter of several new dimensions ,the first of which began as a telepathic  contact the night before I began my trip out to Pine Bush, I was mentally contacted by my Orion et contact girl ..named "Abena" she greeted me then informed me abit about my next day trip to Pine Bush. then she gave me an experience of ‘bi-location’ of being in two places at the same time. I was suddenly inside of her triangualr ship and felt it accelerate powerfully away in a swerving motion up in the air, I felt  abit dizzy after this, then i was conscious of being back in my room, then she told me…"that was a hydro-lift"…  which is an aerial manuver they perform in their ships upon the magnetic field where they just surf on the magnetic field like a surf board surfs on the ocean waves!   well the experience was about just as fantastic as one can imagine. ok so the next day I travelled to Pine Bush and got ready for my night time of filming, I started to film my alien friends ships about 9:30 that evening. I got all new footage of Abena’s triangular craft performing some new manuvers at closer range than ever before!  she brought her ship into view then she started to pull her ship back and forth out of the frame faster than you can blink an eye!  I truly marvel at just how incredibly fast these triangular ships can accelerate and manuver it is really something extraordinary to watch and it makes you realize how primitive our earthly technologies are when compared to to these ET’s.  These aliens are so far ahead of us there is hardly any comparison to draw from. anyway I got all new footage which you can see by clicking on the link above >May 25-08 Pine Bush ufo slideshow.

About Phil

I'm a professional by occupation, back in the summer of 2007 near the Pine Bush NY area I became a UFO contactee with extraterrestrials who derive from the Orion constellation star they call 'Ledas' which is a star near the three main belt stars within the Orion nebula. I am and have been for many years a serious spiritual seeker into deep meditation, study of science, quantum physics, genetics,the occult sciences, and music. My goal for this site is to introduce people to my experiences, sightings and contacts with an alien race called the "Oxicari" who are human looking in appearance like ourselves with a few minor variations, they are a extremely advanced and developed race who posses some of the highest and best developed technologies within our milky way Galaxy. which allows their triangular shaped craft to warp and travel at over light speeds in mere seconds dozens of light years distant. they also have a well developed science of cloning part human, part synthetic humans called biotic androids, which function as assistants and carry out multi-form tasks. the Oxicari are also adepts at creating biotic implants into their own physical bodies which then confer upon them almost superhuman powers, like' ,..'telekinesis, ESP, PSI, teleportation, precipitation, paranormal mental abilities. The Oxicari have maintained a presence on earth since very ancient times, since the time the Great Pyramid and Sphinx were constructed by their Orion ancestors over 15,000 years ago. I invite all to study my material and watch my videos in order to make up your own minds. no one else can decide for you,.. each person recognizes truth independent and entirely of their own position and initiative.
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