‘How Extraterrestrials want to help us’

New Video of the Orion ships April-15-2009

are here already on our planet, they have hidden bases that no earthly
or military cadre can interfere with. and they have rights to be here
on earth. they have rights to certain geographical areas of the
planet..why? because they live and abide within the universal laws, the
cosmic-creational laws. and they are spiritually and mentally evolved
to the point that they have learned to live in complete harmony with
themselves and creation.
But the question is how do extraterrestrials want to help earth people?  how can they help us ?
answer to these questions lies in the reports of those of earth who
really have been contacted by and have seen extraterrestrials and
their  flight technology., and who have offerred evidence of their
contacts in the form of video, photos, and messages relayed by ET’s to
In my case I have seen and been contacted by an extremely
advanced extraterrestrial race from the Orion belt stars and they have
told me that in order to have real contact with them and any et’s there
must be preparation by earth people to equalize and balance their
personal mental and physical bodies atomic rate of vibration to a level
accepted by the ET’s,
And the way to achieve this I was instructed
by the ET’s is to practice deep relaxation and meditation and to learn
to accomodate myself to states of consciousness which are natural to
the ET’s.  for example the ET’s are very relaxed people they are not
emotional, jumpy, jealous, or easily angered like most earth people
are. , because we are this way it makes contact with them almost next
to impossible. earth people tend to think that contact and sightings of
ET craft is somehow their right , but it’s not,  it’s a privilege. But
the way the ET’s want to and can help us right now is through effective
knowledge that we must learn to relax and meditate and prove to
oursleves that we have a spirit and consciousness which is transcendent
to our physical body and to which the physical body is absolutely
dependent upon for life and any good thing in creation, because the
human spirit is a small fraction from the whole existence and being of
Eternal Life from the Spirit. So earth people need to learn now about
the higher laws of the universe and the laws of the Spirit and they
need to prove to themselves they have spirits and not just rely by
faith on other peoples books or teachings and think that somehow
already equips them or evolves them. because it does not. all gain and
advance must come to the individual through his own self-conscious
understanding and knowledge attained through applied study and
practice.  for those who sincerely make this preparation the gates to
the universe shall open and contact and more sightings of alien craft
becomes possible, because the facts are extraterrestrials are
interested in humans who are striving to liberate themselves from all
delusions and attain the balanced equity of the pure logic of cause and
effect and of how to transcend the law of cause and effect through
understanding our mistakes and applying wisdom in the future to limit
and stop future mistakes and weaknesses.
without this preparation
there will be no general open contact or privileges granted. how’ever
there will still be occassional abductions as well as brief spotty
sightings and limited forms of contact with UFOS and extraterrestrials.
people first need to be liberated from the crushing weight and force of
a mental captivity which enslaves them and prohibits them from real
effective thinking, spiritual liberation and humane brotherhood. 
is the fundamental and elementary message my Orion extraterrestrial
friends wish to be conveyed to earthly humanity at this time


About Phil

I'm a professional by occupation, back in the summer of 2007 near the Pine Bush NY area I became a UFO contactee with extraterrestrials who derive from the Orion constellation star they call 'Ledas' which is a star near the three main belt stars within the Orion nebula. I am and have been for many years a serious spiritual seeker into deep meditation, study of science, quantum physics, genetics,the occult sciences, and music. My goal for this site is to introduce people to my experiences, sightings and contacts with an alien race called the "Oxicari" who are human looking in appearance like ourselves with a few minor variations, they are a extremely advanced and developed race who posses some of the highest and best developed technologies within our milky way Galaxy. which allows their triangular shaped craft to warp and travel at over light speeds in mere seconds dozens of light years distant. they also have a well developed science of cloning part human, part synthetic humans called biotic androids, which function as assistants and carry out multi-form tasks. the Oxicari are also adepts at creating biotic implants into their own physical bodies which then confer upon them almost superhuman powers, like' ,..'telekinesis, ESP, PSI, teleportation, precipitation, paranormal mental abilities. The Oxicari have maintained a presence on earth since very ancient times, since the time the Great Pyramid and Sphinx were constructed by their Orion ancestors over 15,000 years ago. I invite all to study my material and watch my videos in order to make up your own minds. no one else can decide for you,.. each person recognizes truth independent and entirely of their own position and initiative.
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4 Responses to ‘How Extraterrestrials want to help us’

  1. julio cesar says:

    Hola, My Name is Julio Cesar Sierra i live in mexico to be more precise in cancun playa del carmen, i just want to tell you that your videos are amazing, they are the real proof of extraterrestrial life and is the most beauty full thing i ever seen, am trying to prepare my self and also my family to have contact as well of course is not easy, but i want to tell you that you are a great person and there is a lot of more people who believe in life in this wonderfull universe. thank you for shering this wonderfull experience you had with all my respect and love …thank you Phil.

  2. chris the one says:

    i wana tell you that extraterrestrials
    are living here , but are some humans who are them selfs hibrid extraterrestrials.
    they are herre because of god. he sent me here , we are here to help humanity to evolve spiritualy.
    out there are a llot of civilizations who are helping us.thats all what i needed to say. goodbye!crys from romanya

  3. walker sorele says:

    “So earth people need to learn now about
    the higher laws of the universe and the laws of the Spirit and they
    need to prove to themselves they have spirits and not just rely by
    faith on other peoples….”OK, I understand it,but we,the earthlings are so are because we was created (by them) and we have just 2 DNA strands which made that we are very emotional beings(we cry,laugh,are jealous,we tend to be angry and so on).How can we change so drasticaly and become something other than we are?I thought that the Great Meeting will be with humans as they are and with ET´s as they are.After a while, of course, we humans can learn new things from them and can evolve,but to ask an entire race to change sudden just for see ET´s ships is..how to express myself,weird!Personaly,I believe strongly in theirs existence – there out are many different extraterrstrial races,very advanced and I can´t wait to meet them,but without putting inpossible conditions.

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