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5 Responses to About

  1. Morgan Smith says:

    Hello Mr. Coseski,

    My name is Morgan Smith and I am a New Paltz local and senior-year student of video production. Living as a resident in this peculiar Shawangunk area has piqued my interest in the supernatural phenomena many of the locals have sightings and experiences of on a regular basis and I am in the process of shooting a documentary exploring this phenomena.

    So far I have interviewed geologists, local historians, mythology experts, but I am urgently seeking individuals who are open and secure about their unusual sightings and experiences– examples of experiences can range from seeing lights, aircraft, feeling time loss, or other. I would like to further explore the human and emotional experience that comes with being a contactee of the supernatural.

    I stumbled across your remarkable first-hand accounts in your aptly named blog, “Pine Bush Zone”, (https://sparx777.wordpress.com/) and I think you have some incredible material and impressions that would be valuable to this extensive documentary.

    Would you consider having an on-camera conversation with me about your experiences? I can work around your schedule and the interview would not take more than an hour.

    The thorough archive of your sightings on this blog is very impressive and I would be obliged if you would share what you know further for this documentary. If you are living in the New York area I can meet you wherever is convenient for you. If not, I can look into setting up a video interview over the internet. I’m willing to discuss any questions and concerns you may have prior.

    Looking forward to your reply,
    Best regards,

    Morgan Smith

    • Phil Coseski says:

      Hello yes, I would be interested in sharing more with you about my experiences in Pine Bush
      however I’m currently out of NY state and will not return until the end of May, so a live interview
      would have to wait until then when I return if you can wait? . if not we could discuss the option
      of a live interview online as I do have a online cam or we could do a radio interview.

      Phil Coseski

  2. Dave Hargrove says:

    Hi, Im a very interested in the work that you do and the experiences that you have. I’m a Montgomery resident and I was wondering if you would be interested in conversing further via email. Best Regards, Dave

    • Phil Coseski says:

      Hello Dave, first I apologize for taking so long to answer you, I have been out of state travelling nad regretfully have not kept tabs up on my site. I would like to hear of your reports in Montgomery. most of my best sightings have been there. please feel free to email me at
      sparx777@hotmail.com to discuss more about this if you still feel so inclined.

      Phil Coseski

  3. Katie Boxer says:

    Hi Mr. Coseski,

    I am writing from a Documentary Production Company based in the UK. We are planning to come to pine bush in a few weeks time to speak to some residents about their UFO / ET experiences. Please email me if you are interested in telling your fascinating and compelling story.

    Katie Boxer
    Associate Producer

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