‘How Extraterrestrials want to help us’

New Video of the Orion ships April-15-2009

are here already on our planet, they have hidden bases that no earthly
or military cadre can interfere with. and they have rights to be here
on earth. they have rights to certain geographical areas of the
planet..why? because they live and abide within the universal laws, the
cosmic-creational laws. and they are spiritually and mentally evolved
to the point that they have learned to live in complete harmony with
themselves and creation.
But the question is how do extraterrestrials want to help earth people?  how can they help us ?
answer to these questions lies in the reports of those of earth who
really have been contacted by and have seen extraterrestrials and
their  flight technology., and who have offerred evidence of their
contacts in the form of video, photos, and messages relayed by ET’s to
In my case I have seen and been contacted by an extremely
advanced extraterrestrial race from the Orion belt stars and they have
told me that in order to have real contact with them and any et’s there
must be preparation by earth people to equalize and balance their
personal mental and physical bodies atomic rate of vibration to a level
accepted by the ET’s,
And the way to achieve this I was instructed
by the ET’s is to practice deep relaxation and meditation and to learn
to accomodate myself to states of consciousness which are natural to
the ET’s.  for example the ET’s are very relaxed people they are not
emotional, jumpy, jealous, or easily angered like most earth people
are. , because we are this way it makes contact with them almost next
to impossible. earth people tend to think that contact and sightings of
ET craft is somehow their right , but it’s not,  it’s a privilege. But
the way the ET’s want to and can help us right now is through effective
knowledge that we must learn to relax and meditate and prove to
oursleves that we have a spirit and consciousness which is transcendent
to our physical body and to which the physical body is absolutely
dependent upon for life and any good thing in creation, because the
human spirit is a small fraction from the whole existence and being of
Eternal Life from the Spirit. So earth people need to learn now about
the higher laws of the universe and the laws of the Spirit and they
need to prove to themselves they have spirits and not just rely by
faith on other peoples books or teachings and think that somehow
already equips them or evolves them. because it does not. all gain and
advance must come to the individual through his own self-conscious
understanding and knowledge attained through applied study and
practice.  for those who sincerely make this preparation the gates to
the universe shall open and contact and more sightings of alien craft
becomes possible, because the facts are extraterrestrials are
interested in humans who are striving to liberate themselves from all
delusions and attain the balanced equity of the pure logic of cause and
effect and of how to transcend the law of cause and effect through
understanding our mistakes and applying wisdom in the future to limit
and stop future mistakes and weaknesses.
without this preparation
there will be no general open contact or privileges granted. how’ever
there will still be occassional abductions as well as brief spotty
sightings and limited forms of contact with UFOS and extraterrestrials.
people first need to be liberated from the crushing weight and force of
a mental captivity which enslaves them and prohibits them from real
effective thinking, spiritual liberation and humane brotherhood. 
is the fundamental and elementary message my Orion extraterrestrial
friends wish to be conveyed to earthly humanity at this time

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The Creational Laws: an extraterrestrial disclosure

The Following dissertation is from the contact notes of Billy Meier,  contactee of the Plejaren race from the Pleiades constellation. it was spoken by the extraterrestrial ‘Semjase’ to  Billy Meier.  it reveals the truth of initiating mental and spiritual development through self awareness and contact with the Spirit of the Creation.


25. Again and again the human living in clarity of consciousness would produce in himself, anew, the strong perception that the Creational is far more real than his body’s feelings.
34. He can strike hindrances in which he suddenly has no sense and taste any more for the necessary material things, yet he never loses the taste and sense for the creational because he knows that the Creation embodies the true BEING.
35. Only a human who fights hard for consciousness (goods) and spiritual goods and progress, for knowledge, truth, logic, wisdom and love harvests mighty fruit of a spiritual and consciousness kind, because they do not simply fall into his lap.
36. First, before the first results would be obtained, it is required that the spiritual-intellectual manner of thinking must learn the path of creational thinking and recognize its absolute correctness and determination.
37. Yet when these first results come about then the cognizant one steps onward with great steps and expands himself in spirit and consciousness to a factor of power.
46. Again and again he produces in himself the strong perception that something is there which gives him immeasurable power and makes him free from unreal assumptions; (it is) the truth of Creation.
47. Always again and again the human produces in himself the strong perception that he finds, in the ocean of creational light, his wisdom, his knowledge, truth, logic and love, which for him first entirely enables the BEING of life.
48. The joy of the human who is turned towards Creation exists as a result of his reverence produced from the creational and Creation; (it is) this, in which he accepts the almighty will in the creational laws and turns the absolute determination of these laws to his own determination and practically employs them.
50. The only way to learn exists in the unremitting efforts and striving to obtain higher spiritual and consciousness cognitions and to bring the capabilities into application which have unfolded through this.
53. Day after day, month after month and year after year the human who is devoted to the spirit calls on the Creational and thereby gains in knowledge, wisdom, love, logic, truth and power, until he finally experiences the Creational in himself, and may get the full useful value of it, whereby it would be more real to him that the feelings of his body.
78. He who is a human living according to the spirit attempts constantly to maintain himself always, and under all circumstances, in the vibrational realm of creational motions.
80. In this manner he proceeds so far along until the creational essence in him has produced the absolute determination of defence against the negative.
86. He immediately transforms even the most negative thoughts that come and want to destroy his spiritual-intellectual thoughts, into creational power and wisdom.
87. So he makes everything creational and carries it as a block of power in himself.


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Triangular Craft seen resting upon a space platform within the Orion Constellation

I have great news to announce and report on:

new discovery! , a You-tube channel owner has researched some
telescopic photos of the Orion Constellation and has tagged several
photos which show strange and anomalous shapes and figures like
pyramids and apparently ‘triangular shape spacecraft’ resting upon some
sort of space platform within the Orion Constellation, (pay attention
to minute ‘6:39 -56 of the video to see the triangular craft resting on
the space platform it’s remarkable.) these unique photos can be seen
here in this You tube video titled.

‘Our Universe #6 Orion.’


remarkable photos of pyramidal and triangular shaped objects within the
Orion Constellation especially the triangular shaped object resting
upon some kind of space platform near the 3 giant belt stars of Orion
all afford some rather suggestive and strong evidence that
extraterrestrial life thrives within the great constellation. and in
particular this ‘triangular shaped object’ seen resting upon a platform
of sorts apparently is a spacecraft! and incredibly it’s triangular
shape is exactly the same shape as the triangular UFO craft I’ve been
filming over Orange county NY!!! and whats more amazing as well as is
corroborative are that the pilots of the triangular craft I’m filming
in NY have identified themselves to me as originating from the Orion
Constellation! I have dozens and dozens of video showing this same
shaped triangular object as is seen in my video. This in effect I think
confirms and validates a little more the scientific as well as
circumstantial evidence surrounding my material and testimony, that I
am in truth seeing, filming and having contact with extraterrestrial
craft and humans who originated from within the mighty Constellation of

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Pyramid and Sphinx built by Extraterrestrials

I, came across what I feel is some extremely pertinent as well as valuable and credible information regarding some discoveries made by several archeological team expeditions around the Giza plateau and Sphinx during the 1930’s and mid-1970’s this information was supplied by the book…     ‘Mysteries of the Pyramid’
by David H. Lewis

read more about it here:
Giza Pyramid- Sphinx Mysteries

The remarkable point to all of this new material respecting the information discovered in these expeditions around the Giza plateau is that it appears to corroborate my extraterrestrial Orion contact  girl  Abena’s  explanations to me about her races’ presence in ancient Egypt and their part in constructing the Great Pyramids and Sphinx as a repository of their culture on earth and as an omen of future astronomical and stellar alignments which would signal and foretell certain recurring periodic catastrophic phenomena on earth and from outer space such as axial shifts, storms and cosmic interstellar alignments of celestial bodies such as comets and planetary orbital paths, as well as interstellar magnetic storms and Sun spots.  the Orion ET’s had alot of deep astronomical knowledge and wisdom from the Orion constellation which they brought with them to earth when they colonized earth anciently. which they utilized in their architecture and culture, hence the Giza plateau and Sphinx, and the incredible underground chambers deep below the Giza plateau which house evidence in the form of texts and incredibly evolved technologies of the extraterrestrial races which constructed the Pyramids, Sphinx, and the underground installations. the hieroglyphs  seen in the upper left of this post were taken from micro film copies of the actual ancient texts found in these underground chambers beneath the Giza complex by David H. Lewis and his expeditionary team.
Read more here:    Giza Pyramid Mysteries

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Important Message on Spiritual Evolution

The eternal spirit inside them (the extraterrestrials)  and us is a minute fraction of the Absolute Creation, it is First Source substance, a fraction of Universal Being and Mind, It is the pure light of the electron, it is an energetic and intelligent substance which has been clothed upon through various and progressively denser states of substance as this was intended for by It’s own Infinite wisdom and logic.
and It is called Creation..  we have a fraction of that spirit in us, it is what animates us and gives us life. it is that which is perfect and eternal and cannot die. the goal of evolution is the proper and logical development of the spirit inside of us, letting it surface , ripen and perfect us in ever greater gains of wisdom, love, creativity and self mastery of ourselves in our earthly environments. and in our interpersonal relations with others. this is the truth about evolution, its about spiritual awakening and progress which always without fail in time also increases our material progress and development as well.. both the material and the spiritual must cooperate ,balance and complement each other, if not we cannot go anywhere or do anything worthwhile. the entire world needs to hear this message! and we all need to cease playing control games over each other. we need to cease focusing mostly on material things and desires and start realizing the reality of Spirit, Light and higher mind and consciousness. through the simple practice of meditation, because only here will we or can we ever be disarmed and cured of the mistakes and errors of ignorance. and the heavy weights of material delusion which prevent us from realizing and entering into our spiritual being.  We were created and evolved out of the dust of earth which is where we derive our physical bodies from, the dust and all material matter has a polarity which is opposing spirit which is what is causing mankind’s duplicitous , resistant ,and hostile nature, this happens because man is taught wrong and is focused on a plethora of  mistaken concepts and goals.  this has to be reversed if we expect any relief and answer.   To help us reconnect again the extraterrestrials have come and have contacted some of us and have  disseminated the teaching and path to experience real higher consciousness , self cognition, and mastery and have  re-educated us back into the true knowledge and wisdom of Creation in It’s inner and outer Being.

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Extraterrestrial Observation of earth societies:

UFO contact from Reticulum Pg.143. Stevens Herrmman
"The continuing war-like attitude and eternal " warishness" if not averted would bespeak the collapse of earth technology. Advancements toward this end escalate despite the outcry of the earth humans themselves.  "The cultural and moralistic foundations that are ingrained in earth humans, though potentinally beneficial, seem to strengthen the tendency toward self-annihilation.  The "Network continues to observe actions consistent with this pattern. UNTIL THE COURSE IS FULFILLED OR AVERTED, direct contact is impossible."  "Prior to this directive actual contact with the human race has been attempted , but has been suppressed and maintained (secret) by organized governments. there have been ‘isolated’ cases involving ‘destruction’ of our ‘craft ‘  by earth governmental powers. The consensus of the Network’ has been to continue monitoring the governmental actions."
Photo of a Zeta
 Comment:  The above dialogue was lifted from the book, ‘ UFO Contact from Reticulum’ by Wendell Stevens, it is derived from the Story of ‘William Herrmman’ of South Carolina. it is a most remarkable UFO abduction contact case involving aliens from the Zeta Reticuli constellation. the abductee  was randomly selected by the aliens and was under observation for some time before his abduction and contacts. perhaps the most important aspect of this case is the information the ET’s revealed to William about our earth civilizations and governmental powers,  how they are trapped within a constant ‘war-like attitude’ and all tend toward ‘self-annihilation’. This is the primary factor and reason extraterrestrials are reluctant to enter into close contact with earth peoples  and secure trusts and agreements. they have already tried this and have been betrayed by earth people. the  aliens know that earth people are mentally, sociologically, and physically a sick , dying and enslaved race, and they are here to observe, and help us to the degree that they can with the superior knowledge of the cosmic and Universal laws of the Creation.  they are here to raise our consciousness to higher levels so that we begin to hunger and thirst for the higher levels of Universal knowledge and wisdom the human life form was created for and made capable to recognize and contain in use.  But the Key to attaining this lies in a return and reconciliation of man’s spirit-form with his Creator and Originator;  and the sure path to this reconciliation lies in the practice of ‘meditation’ and self-awakening to the whispers of the ‘eternal Life of the Spirit’.   This then is what the extraterrestrials whether they come from ‘Orion , Reticulum, Pleiades or Venus’ want us to know and get busy occupying our attention with,  Because Until we do this we are not really approachable nor ready for intimate contact with extraterrestrials.  we must evolve and improve ourselves nearing their levels of consciousness if we expect and want contact and even closer sightings of ufos. *** Thats the bottom line.***
(Reference)  UFO contact from Reticulum Pg.143. Stevens Herrmman

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Contact- Protocol- Alien Disclosures?

Alright it is time to clarify some things. recently  many people within the pseudo ufo community were convinced due to some  erroneous  intellignece alledgedly given by ‘The Galactic federation of Light’  (which  supposedly is a federation of alien races) they were promised by some messages given by the Galactic federation that they would on Oct-14-2008  reveal  a massive starship in the sky which they would make visible all over the earth to prove the real existence of UFOS and aliens and thereby force a full disclosure by earth governments about the alien reality.  I have looked into this claim and the origin of its channeled messages through this alleged ‘Federation of Light ‘and  came to the conclusion that this Galactic federation of Light and its messages are all entirely made up fantasies from delusional minds. the very fact that their predictive message of a world wide sighting didnt happen as predicted proves it’s irreality and untruth.  The pseudo ufo/alien contact movement is as unreliable as it is dangerous, because it is based upon channeled materials from people who can offer no scientific evidence to support their delusional contact claims. Real legitimate ufo contacts involve and supply supporting evidence such as ‘video, photos,and real telepathic contact dialogue’ or in the case of real abduction contacts ‘minor abrasions and implants’ which can be seen and measured by science. I will let it be known here and now  that I distance myself from all ‘pseudo ufo groups and alien channelers’.   My ufo/alien sightings  and contacts are  not of  that category or nature.  my sightings and contacts  fall within the parameters of ‘demonstrable science and logic’, because I have hard evidence in the form of video of extraterrestrial spacecraft performing aerial manuvers in synchronicity with my deliberate requests. this is evidence that can be seen and measured tangibly within the scope of scientific analysis.   
See some evidence in this video:  Watch in full screen mode:
Recently on my Youtube channel I was emailed by someone asking me when the Orion aliens that I have contact with and sightings of would plan to make themselves publicly known.   I’ve  included  this persons question to me and my response below
"Eagle Eye:
"can you ask orion aliens information about when they plan on making themselves publicly known? please? you are truely lucky to have made contact with such beings."
My reply:
"Eagle Eye ,Thank you for your nice comments, "

"As for my Orion ET friends, they will not make themselves publicly known enmass, they have how’ever taken the initiative to start contacting select individuals whom they discern are prepared enough for certain kinds of contacts… for some this will mean much closer and more extended sightings and telepathic and eventually physical contacts.and by this means they will disclose their reality and identity as well as educate the earth populace what the criteria is that must be met for close physical contact and interactive friendship. As for me they have told me "because I’ve already progressed far enough through meditation practice and spiritual realisation they have granted me the privilege of closer and extended sightings, telepathic contacts and physical sight contacts of the alien persons themselves", but i havent been taken or invited yet to go physically with them on their ships.earth people must be prepared for contact gradually it cannot be rushed. they have granted me the invitation for close physical contact in the future, but I must earn this by preparing and meeting a certain criteria that is necessary which is based upon spiritual laws. which are fixed by the Cosmos. all extended physical contact with alien life forms is a ‘privilige’ not a right. the aliens and the observation and use of their technology is extremely potent and advanced, and the atomic and mental vibrations emitted by them is very intense and can cause harm to earth people who are not prepared enough to interact with such higher vibrations."  until you meet aliens face to face and come within close proximity of their persons and technologies you will not fully understand what I say, it is something that has to be experienced and felt in order to fully realise.***  

"Thanks again for your interest, hope this answers your question satisfactorily."
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